Our goal

Our goal at VersaCord is to help provide more accessibility to users on Discord with our chatbots, whether it is moderation, social media integration, or games to entertain users. We also help moderate a lot of highly populated and active servers to enforce rules and regulations within their server and Discord's Terms of Service. See why users love our bots by trying them in your discord server

User Assistance

We think that helping users through one-to-one interaction is one the most efficient ways server moderators can handle high volumes of Discord servers. To help solve this, we created a chatbot that can handle customer service available to all users, as well as accessibility to transcripts to ensure quality assurance.

A discord bot designed to help server moderators provide support to users through tickets with transcripts.
Guild Protection

With Discord users periodically being terminated for malicious reasons, it's no secret that users want to prevent that from happening. To help solve this, we created a chatbot that can capture and restore all sorts of data automatically so server owners can easily restore a backup if anything bad happened.

A discord bot designed to help server owners and administrators transfer data to and from servers using backups.
Premium Features
  • Premium access to our Discord server
  • Exclusive Supporter-only giveaways
  • Extra entries for normal giveaways
  • First Priority Support
  • Colored name on Discord
  • All-Access Pass on all our bots

All of our Discord bots are free for anyone to use, with 24/7 hosting and access to our support team. Some extra features that make our bots unique from other bots are limited to premium users. By supporting our development, not only do you get access to all of those features., but you are helping me cover for website costs and hosting across all my bots

Need Help?

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